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cameras around the city, stephanie rawlings blake wants to make sure they are being used as effectively as possible. establishing a special committee to review the traffic enforce. centers, according to a study, people living in baltimore found disobeying traffic laws is a more serious problem than property crime. mayor wants the committee to find better ways to better protect pedestrians and kids in school zones, there will be 8 people from various departments. >>> he is a pint sized pooch, smuggled out of the animal resource foundation. for two days, workers at the shelter prayed for mango's return and last night the prayers were answered. don harrison explains how they got the pup back. >> reporter: that's all allison wanted when she found wut one of the puppies were stolen. sometimes wishes come true. mango, the one stolen, returned, is reunite ed with his family. >> he ran over to his mom and wanted to nurse. >> reporter: somebody called and said, they had mango and wanted to bring him back. it wasn't the person who stole him, even though the reward was a thousand dollars, they wan
. crystal clear. temperatures across town, 71 in hagerstown to 74 in baltimore city. take a look at temperatures over the eastern shore. we were a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 74. easton is at 74. frederick and hague hague in the upper 70s. we'll trade these off with the 60 mark. a little breeze at 9 to 13 at dulles. notice the clouds picking up out toward the west starting to move over frederick county into carroll county. we'll see the clouds in place. 66 through the evening. nighttime temperatures into the 60s. you're waking up to a milder 60 degrees. so it's going to be quite the change going into tomorrow morning. we are seeing a couple of scattered showers over central virginia. this slides off toward the south, more showers over the ohio valley. this clips us going into tomorrow morning's commute and as we go into tomorrow afternoon. take a lock at the storm. this is pinwheeling moisture in our direction. clouds are going to be in place. scattered showers will pick up over the course of the end of the week. we'll call it unsettled as we end this workweek. here are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2